Due to overwhelming interest in this product we've sold out of the first batch!! we will be making more in the near future and to be notified when we re-stock please fell free to sign yourself for our e-mail updates. Oh, and just in case you are handy and feel like making one for yourself right away you could purchase one of our DIY kits here

Our new Kendall music companion is the perfect solution for those of you who like to have some decent sounding music where wiring and/or access to power might not allow the possibility. Absolutely perfect to take to the park for a picnic or the cabin for the weekend as well as used to play music in rooms where you might not have a traditional stereo setup. Paired with our freely downloadable iphone application it turns into a great little alarm clock.


- Solid walnut casing with laser etched acrylic speaker grill both hand produced in Montreal, Canada.
- Stereo 5 watt class "D" audio amplifier
- 2 x fullrange 2" magnetically shielded speakers
- Full Bluetooth v2.0 + EDR compatibility
- Auxiliary 1/8" audio line in (for non-bluetooth connectivity)
- 9v wall adapter included for110V/220V operation
- Ships with North America Plug, International orders will require simple plug adapter.
- 4 Hour Battery run time* (* at average music volume)
- 6 hour charge time
- 1000 mAh lithium battery
- Freely downloadable ipod©/iphone© application to allow you to wake to your own music or sounds

- 9" Wide x 5" High x 2.25" deep

Buy this if:
- want to play music at dinner partys and not "party" parties, don't get me wrong, it's rather loud ......... but won't drown out a room of screaming teenagers.
- you like Bon Iver, Feist, Wintersleep, Lykee li, Bahamas or any other kinda of cool "alternative" style band, if you are into death metal or gangsta rap, no disrespect..... it will play, but it ain't gonna sound any good through the Kendall. (check the link below to a mix of sample music that will make your Kendall happy)
- You plan on using it as a "secondary" audio setup, it's a great little unit but cannot replace a full sized hi-fi audio setup. - if you want a companion to your labtop, tablet or smartphone to give you better audio while watching a movie etc...

Here's a sample mix put together by our good buddy Curse of the Multiples so you can see what kind of tunes the Kendall is perfected to play:

Kendall Playlist from michael.giles.7798 on 8tracks Radio.

Engineering solutions by:
Consult and Robocut

Photographed by: Julie Langenegger Lachance


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